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Services are available for ages 2 and up, in addition to parent coaching, fluency consulting, and professional trainings.


Are you a parent with a child who has started stuttering and you're wondering what you should do?

preschool stuttering speech therapy, early intervention stuttering
""Miss Susie is my play doctor. She doesn't doctor me. We just play."
-3 year old boy who stutters

Children ages 2-6:

As a parent, it can be difficult to know if speech therapy is necessary. Five percent of children go through a period of stuttering and up to 80% of those children recover from stuttering within 3-4 years. Although many pediatricians believe in the “wait and see” model, specialized Speech-Language Pathologists know that there is great benefit from early intervention for treating stuttering.  Early intervention gives both you and your child the tools to reduce and possibly eliminate stuttering. It also provides parents with ideas to support their child throughout each day and ways to reduce frustration and shut down related to stuttering. The Early Intervention Program at Central Valley Stuttering Center is designed to provide the best possible plan for your child, resources for you as a parent, coaching and ideas for how to best support communication and respond to moments of stuttering at home, and provide early intervention therapy (as needed) to start making talking easier for your child.

Are you a parent who is looking for someone to help make talking easier for your son or daughter who is stuttering?
speech therapy stuttering elementary age
" "My son always looks forward to seeing Susie.  She is so engaged and interested with what's going on in his world and how to help.  I couldn't ask for anything more." 
-Parent of a 7 year old who stutters

Children ages 7-12:

Do you find it hard to know how to best talk about stuttering and how to help your child? Is your child sometimes getting frustrated or shutting down when getting stuck on words?  Is your child hesitant to volunteer in class or read aloud? Is your child getting stuck throughout the day and what you're doing isn't making a difference?

The individualized support as Central Valley Stuttering Center is designed to help make talking easier for your child, increase your child's confidence about talking at school and in social situations, and provide specific ideas to parents about how to best help their child. In addition to individual therapy sessions, social group sessions are offered as a time for children to meet and socialize with other children who stutter. Teen mentors (high school and college-age clients who stutter) often volunteer to attend these social groups to build relationships with each child and be positive role models.  If your child is stuttering, we would love to help.

Do you have a teen who stutters?

teen adult stuttering fluency therapy
Does stuttering seem to be getting in the way of your teen's confidence? Have you tried speech therapy before and it didn't seem to make a difference? Is it becoming harder and harder to talk to your teen about stuttering?
High school and college are difficult ages for anyone, but it can be especially difficult if for teens navigating the challenges of stuttering who don't have the right supports in place.  Central Valley Stuttering Center approaches therapy in a comprehensive way. If past speech therapy was unsuccessful or you're simply looking for additional options, we encourage you to allow us the chance to work with you.  Each teen's unique strengths and challenges are identified to develop the best treatment plan possible to ensure a confident communicator who is able to handle the responsibilities of high school, college, and adulthood.  In addition, selected teen clients are offered the opportunity to participate in the teen mentor program to be role models for younger children who stutter. 
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