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Telehealth services are available for ages 2 and up, in addition to parent coaching, fluency consulting, and professional trainings.


Children ages 2-6:

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Central Valley Stuttering Center is focused on both current research for the most effective therapy possible and parent involvement. Supporting the entire family is an important aspect of working with children who stutter.  By working with both parents and their children, we are able to help make talking easier for a child and reduce stuttering.  A family-approach to early intervention for stuttering has been well-researched.  All research-based models of therapy for children ages 2-6 incorporate parent involvement to help make the most progress, as quickly as possible.

Early Intervention Program:

  • Evaluation Session (60 min)

  • Analysis of Risk Factors, Prognosis and Determination of Therapy Plan

  • Evaluation Summary Report

  • 3 Therapy Sessions/Parent Coaching Sessions(45 min)

  • Parent Resources

  • Daily/Weekly Home Plan

  • Formal monitoring of progress and brainstorming


Early Intervention Therapy Sessions:

When necessary, ongoing therapy sessions are available.

Children ages 7-12:

As children who stutter enter this age range, it is increasingly important to support healthy attitudes and feelings about talking, in addition to making talking easier in everyday situations.

Evaluation Sessions:

Understanding how stuttering impacts a child is a crucial piece in understanding how to help. Each evaluation seeks to understand your child's individualized needs to build a therapy plan for making talking easier and building confidence.


Individualized Therapy Sessions:

One:one therapy sessions are ideal to address specific goals and increase your child's ability to speak easier and more confidently. 

Small Group Therapy Sessions:

These sessions are an excellent way for children to practice carryover of therapy skills, demonstrate confidence related to talking, and build positive relationships with other children who stutter.

Fluency Fun Days!:
These days are designed to help your child meet other children who are experiencing similar challenges, build relationships with other children who stutter, and utilize teen mentors to help provide support, all while playing games and interacting in a fun and supportive atmosphere. In addition, these groups provide an opportunity for parents to access resources and discuss ideas with other parents.

Mentors: Your child may have the opportunity to be paired with a teen who stutters to help answer questions they might have and to be available as a positive role model. 

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speech therapy for children who stutter, Central Valley Stuttering Center, Susie Harder

Teens & Adults

Central Valley Stuttering Center approaches therapy in a comprehensive way. If past speech therapy was unsuccessful or you're simply looking for additional options, we encourage you to allow us the chance to work with you.  
We offer individual therapy options and the opportunity to meet and get to know other people who stutter.
Therapy sessions are geared toward your life and how stuttering is impacting your world. You hold the power to make significant changes and we can help facilitate those changes!  Become more proactive by learning how to approach situations in a confident way. In addition, selected teen clients are offered the opportunity to participate in the teen mentor program to be role models for younger children who stutter. 
Therapy is designed to support the aspects of your life you'd like to work toward.  If you're experiencing overall frustration with increased stuttering, how to handle workplace situations, a desire for increased fluency in social situations, or how to reduce the overall burden of stuttering, we can provide guidance and support.
"Susie cares, like really cares. She always sends me encouraging texts before any big work presentation."
          -Adult client who stutters

Professional Workshops

Workshops  for Speech-Language Pathologists & School Districts

Children Ages 2-6:

Preschool-age Fluency Therapy: When to Start Therapy and What to Do! (Available as a 3 hour or 6 hour course.)


Children ages 7 & older:

School-Age Fluency Therapy: Review of Current Research & Discussion of Effective Evaluation & Therapy Procedures (Available as a 3 hour or 6 hour course.)

Consulting for School Districts

Many school districts are recognizing the benefit of having a fluency consultant to offer specialized guidance to Speech-Language Pathologists.  Stuttering therapy is traditionally an area where most Speech-Language Pathologists report decreased confidence and competence as compared to other communication disorders (Brisk, Healey, & Hux, 197; St Louis & Durrenberger, 1993).  Fluency consulting services help SLPs within a district deliver evidence-based, effective therapy and possibly decrease the length of time each child must receive direct services.

Fluency Consulting Services are available to support the following:

  • Continuing Education for SLPs in the district

  • On-site consultations for evaluations, problem-solving, and therapy planning

  • Creating an effective assessment inventory and evaluation report

  • Building fluency materials & resources

  • Early childhood stuttering education

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